Founded by Shendi Sage, Shendi knew for a very long time that she wanted to find a way to have a positive impact in people's lifes. As someone who was slated to fly on one of the flights of September 11th, life has always felt different knowing that not taking the flight that day single-handedly changed the trajectory of her life.

Every year on the morning of 9/11, Shendi says a prayer and reflects on her journey. She thanks God for another day on Earth and acknowledges that life is bigger than herself. She feels that she is truly still here to make a difference. If she comes across a stranger who seems to be having a not so good day, she tries to share a compliment and/or a smile. She tips them a little higher than normal for providing great service even through the challenges that their battling outside of work that day. In her careers, she's developed her teams where they can grow and move on to bigger roles. And these are only a few examples of her daily intentions.

One September 11th (her 24hr day of reflection and thanks), she came across a social media advertisement. Shendi always had a goal of joining the world of real estate investing by 50. Less than 10 years away from the age, she found [this] ad for a master class that promised to share everything you needed to know to be successful as a real estate investor. It also mentioned the ability to "help others". Hearing the combination of both worlds intrigued her. It felt as if it was directly speaking to her. Her new call to action.

She joined the masterclass and was excited by the wealth of knowledge discussed. It was an extremely detailed and thorough course, led by a highly successful global investor. This investor loves sharing her knowledge with fellow women and had one ask for everyone that attends. Continue to help others whenever possible. What we do should result in a win/win for all involved. Shendi couldn't agree more! And with that, Covered by Grace Home Solutions was formed.

Based out of Georgia; Covered by Grace Home Solutions also serves AL, IL, MI, MA, RI, and TX.

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